Deception And Lies In The “News” #Gosnell – What Else Are They Covering Up And/Or Lying About?

Update: 4/13/2013 2:22 pm  I just added an additional link to a post on Patheos that does a good job of interjecting our faith and approach in to the issue. Thanks again to Kirsten Powers for posting that one. I needed it :-)

“Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars….” sounds like something out of a Hollywood horror flick right? Rather it is the start of an editorial piece by Kirsten Powers on the horrors coming out of the Philadelphia trial on one Dr. Kermit Gosnell. “Dr. Who and What?” you ask. “Never heard of him or the trial.” Well by now you may have gotten an inkling of it from social media or from a written editorial piece in some paper but from the like of the so called news networks at @ABC, @CBSNews, @NBCNews, or @MSNBC? Hardly surprising that you have heard little about it as the trial which started a month ago, and has had an endless string of explosive, graphic, and shocking testimony, has been ignored by all the major TV media outlets with the exceptions of CNN who just began reporting on it, and Fox News. It was Kirsten’s editorial though that really broke the floodgates as it brought the story to the attention of many other writers throughout the country who have started asking the same questions as Kirsten about the failure to report on this, a story which should have been front page news from the get go and evening news headlines.

That the mainstream “news” outlets are politically driven in their coverage of news is no surprise to many of us. I have personally participated in the past in the annual March for Life in Washington. That event draws huge numbers of marchers with “estimates put both the 2011 and 2012 attendances at 400,000 each.[3] The 2013 March for Life is expected to draw the largest crowd thus far.” – Wikipedia yet it gets little to no coverage as well. “March for Life has received relatively little media attention over the years. The typical coverage consists of a “story with a tiny little comment from one individual marcher”, Gray has said. The 36th annual march in 2009, which brought in very little media coverage, was just two days after President Barack Obama’s inauguration, which brought in swarms of media representatives.” – Wikipedia This latest example of media bias in stuffing a news story that does not fit the political narrative they are trying to drive however goes beyond the willful ignoring of hundreds of thousands of marchers. This is the willful covering up of murder and atrocities against the most helpless in our society, our children, our baby’s. To read the Grand Jury indictment letter from the trials prosecutor is like reading a horror novel (Here is the actual Grand Jury indictment letter: Gosnell Grand Jury Indictment Letter)

With such a clear an obvious cover-up, hushing up, of a major story, it should lead us all to wonder what else are we not being told? In what other areas of the news are we having information withheld, selectively reported on, twisted, lied about. In a day an age when many young people get their “news” from John Stewart, yes they get “news” from a comedian on an entertainment show on Comedy Central, is it any wonder we are where we are at as a nation. With so many important issues facing us, we cannot trust that we are getting the real news from the very organizations that are supposed to deliver it. Think about it. We face huge national debates around the economy, health care, guns and violence, etc. etc. yet as a country we are forming our opinions and voting based on the reporting of organizations with no integrity who are will to deceive, omit, twist, and bury news to move a political agenda. We need to raise our voices, let these organizations know we will not stand for it any more otherwise we become like cattle being led about. Fed of “information” designed to make us fat and compliant.

Below are a number of links to editorials that have picked up the story cover up and opinions around it since Kirsten’s piece. It will make your blood boil…. but then again, it should. If you post anything on Twitter/Facebook be sure to add the #Gosnell to raise awareness. We need to let these outlets who cry false crocodile tears for our nations children know that their hypocrisy and lies can no longer be covered up.

God Bless

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